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Masonry Takeoffs and Estimating

Masonry blocks and units add up thermal mass and stability to a construction project. Just like this, masonry takeoff estimation provides you with the potential for winning an upcoming tender by submitting a quick bid. Our masonry estimation services might be of great assistance to you if you have been finding it difficult to finish your masonry estimates. Measurements for CMU, brickwork, masonry repair, face bricks, glazing, etc. are included in masonry takeoffs. We change your vision into reality with our masonry estimates both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our staff of knowledgeable masonry cost estimators has participated in significant building projects all around the world. In several cities and nations throughout the world, Constructem has created estimates for big commercial and residential projects.

We Efficiently do all Division 4 Masonry Estimates

Our group of masonry estimators is experienced, committed, and qualified. They have the expertise to comprehend the needs and takeoff specifications of your prospective project. For you to determine how to continue with any impending bids, we give you thorough masonry takeoffs so that you can identify your break-even point.

The competent teams, we have hired for the masonry estimation job, can better understand the strategies behind your project and hype the market value of your project with their devoted estimation services. Every aspect of division 4 masonry work is quantified by our expert masonry cost estimators. It includes all types and configurations of bricks, CMU walls, clay and glass masonry, mortar and grout, brick veneer, bond beams, lintels, facing bricks, insulation, flashing, masonry reinforcement, masonry restoration, transportation, labor costs, and man-hours.

Expect the best and see the real magic of masonry cost estimation for your construction projects and win a tender as we have a crew of estimators with a professional set

Our List for Division 4 Masonry Takeoffs

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) of the United States has assigned Division 04 among its 16-construction division list in its Master Format 1995 Edition to ‘Masonry’.

Our masonry estimators at Constructem are aware of all the CSI preset specifications and standards and give close consideration to all while working on the estimation task you come for. Our division 04 covered masonry takeoffs list includes the following items:

The Range of Masonry Estimating Services

Masonry Estimating Services We Cover


Constructem has a strict procedure that we adhere to make sure that your masonry estimate is correct and comprehensive. Our team of skilled estimators takes into account a variety of elements to produce the most accurate cost estimate for masonry construction, including;


Our clients’ requirements vary depending on the project type and other interests and we respect and care about all their choices. That’s why our estimation services portfolio shows an enormous service variety such as:


Additionally, we offer comprehensive masonry takeoffs, which include estimates for brick, stone, concrete blocks, tile, marble, travertine, and other architectural precast materials. If a firm uses our masonry estimating services, they will receive a comprehensive CMU list that includes an overall estimation of the headers, lintel block, bound beam, knockouts, angle block, halves, round column block mortar, sand, and half-high. We also provide precast lintel, precast sills, and rebar estimates for intricate takeoffs to make it simpler and aid the organization in receiving a flawless price.

As part of your masonry estimate, we’ll also take into account the labor expenses related to your masonry project and provide a thorough breakdown of the required work. The amount of work needed to execute the project effectively, as well as the salaries paid to laborers, painters, masons, etc. on an hourly and daily basis. If you have devoted labor, we may use your labor price, or we can undertake research and approximately determine the labor expenses in the city or nation that you’re operating in.

To estimate the expenses related to your forthcoming projects, we may review construction designs and current building blueprints. We refer to it as the first estimate for masonry work that only serves as a general guide to rounded prices for key tasks. If you require one, we can also provide you with a time and cost estimate for your job. You must submit designs for that, and we will then supply you with a quote. We will be able to begin working on your project if you are satisfied with our masonry estimating services.


Our Masonry Estimation Process | How do our Estimators Broaden a Project’s Vision?

Are you curious about the process we use at Constructem to produce masonry takeoffs for cost estimation? Here are the steps we take:


1. Project Synopsis

By reviewing all the accessible documents, including the drawings, specs, and other materials, we'll begin by getting a full picture of the project as a whole.

2. Scaling

As soon as the PDF designs are loaded into estimating software, they are scaled to the specified drawing scale.

3. Masonry Work Site Identification

The placement of the areas where masonry work will be done must be determined. It is the most crucial phase and requires careful consideration. We compare plans with sections and elevations to better comprehend the nature and scope of different masonry works (brick walls, CMU block walls, ornamental stones, etc.)

4. Check for the Material Requirements

To determine the precise number of materials needed for each form of brickwork, we utilize the linear tool, area tool, and count command. For instance, the total quantity in SF or CF is calculated using the number of brick courses, wall widths, coarse lengths and heights, number of blocks, etc. You may either measure the whole area of the stone wall or the portion of the wall that needs mortar finishing. Finally, we group comparable amounts from several drawings into a single line item for straightforward pricing.

5. Cost Estimation Process

Based on the extent of the job and the construction activities, we may calculate the labor man-hours. Also, other unanticipated factors like downtime, overtime, and break periods are taken into account. For the compilation of the cost estimate then, we take into consideration the expenses of the machinery and the market pricing for brick masonry, CMU blocks, etc. Takeoffs for masonry and brickwork sometimes ignore several minor details. We take into account mobilization expenses, licensing charges, bonds, and insurance, material waste and breakage, site cleanup, site repairs, and any transportation costs and fees related to the project.

6. Delivery Estimate for Masonry

Finally, you receive the material takeoff sheet, which lists every activity and the amounts of each item needed for the project. Direct pricing of the line items may be done using the provided spreadsheet.

Digitized Estimation Software for Promised Masonry Takeoffs Accuracy

A lot of small elements in masonry estimates are simple to miss, but once the job begins, they might end up costing you a lot of time and money. Masonry fixtures, anchors, reinforcements, interim stabilizing apparatus, transportation expenses, weatherproofing, fees, permits, building applications, and many more. We may thus assist you with that if you don’t want to spend so much time locating the prices of each pertinent item.

Our estimators know how to spell the magic of estimation via advanced estimation software like

Elitequality has excelled at producing timely and accurate estimates for masonry works for various clients, including general contractors, masonry contractors, masonry repair contractors, vendors, masons, developers, architects, designers, and home builders. This is due to our practical knowledge and years of experience in the AEC industry.


Hire Us! We Never Get Tired of Masonry Estimation

When you are bidding on tight profit margins, only accurate and thorough masonry takeoffs and estimation services may provide you an advantage over your rivals in the extremely competitive construction sector.

Independent masonry takeoffs estimate preparation is difficult and time-consuming due to the major obstacle of accuracy. A thorough understanding of masonry units, mortar, grout, reinforcements, man-hours, labor expenses, transportation costs, and numerous other numbers, as well as technical skill with equipment and software, are required for an accurate masonry works estimate.

In terms of monthly pay, bonuses, benefits, etc., purchasing pricey software and employing a full-time estimator drains your budget significantly. That’s why asking for masonry estimating services from a reputable estimating firm like ours is the right choice in the following ways:

  • You may use the time saved from not having to prepare estimates to create expansion initiatives for your company.
  • We provide you with the assurance that the estimates were created by professional estimators with great accuracy and depth.
  • Our masonry estimating services raise the volume of your bids. Bidding more often results in greater wins.
  • The accuracy in estimating grows, which boosts your profit margins.
  • You avoid paying for software purchases and employing estimation personnel.

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We charge lump-sum per project. Our fee is very reasonable (No Hidden Fee Ever) and is sure to reduce your current estimation costs


We can meet shortest deadlines even less than 24 hours but it depends on the project size and complexity.


We use Planswift and BlueBeam industries top leading softwares.

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