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Sitework Takeoffs and Estimating

Our sitework takeoffs and estimation services include precise and thorough sitework estimates, cut and fill takeoffs, and 3D maps that are supplied to site contractors, landscape contractors, land developers, site contractors, and general contractors within 24 to 48 hours. They increase bid wins and decrease overhead expenses when their numbers are correct.

To Whom We are Concerned

We Take Pride in our Dedicated Division 2 Estimation Services

Since excavation contractors usually have hectic and demanding work schedules at the site, it forces them to outsource their excavation estimating needs to a trustworthy and affordable estimation business. So, Excavation contractors make up a significant portion of Constructem’s clientele. As a result, our estimators providing sitework estimating services to these industries are frequently too preoccupied to take off blueprints or figure out the markup on their works.

Because we have professional sitework estimators for civil works that are only focused on division 2 estimating services, our sitework takeoff, and estimation services are in great demand. Our sitework estimators have worked with sitework contractors in the past and are familiar with the breadth of projects for the public, businesses, and homes.

Sitework Takeoffs and Estimating

❖ What do We include in Our Deliverables?

Our sitework estimates services comprise the following deliverables:<br>
➢ Snip & Fill takeoff list
➢ Takeoff summary of volumes, amounts, and Earth section
➢ Surface Grading
➢ Visual 3D reports cut and filled
➢ 3D mapping reports and paperwork for the evaluated bid
➢ Estimate for landscaping using soil proportions (Hardscape, Softscape & Irrigation)

❖ What do we Offer You?

➢ Affordable Solutions (check prices)
➢ Efficiency & Precision
➢ Speedy Turnaround Confidentiality
➢ 24/7 Certified Estimators Support through email and chat

❖ Our Services Provide You With

In our sitework estimating services, we provide 3D Surface from Surveying and GPS Data Points. What we can create for you is as follows:
★ Cross-sectional 3D graphics showing the cut and fill areas and elevations
★ Quantities to be estimated, taken off, cut, and filled for site development and construction projects.
★ Mass Haul Diagrams to reduce and moderate the movement of the earth and soil the topological data you have into Civil 3D

❖ Excavation Estimation Services We Perform for You

i. Cut Fill and Earthworks for all existing surfaces
ii. Landscape models with in-depth contours
iii. Longitudinal profiles of a cross-section
iv. Land Development estimation
v. The method of an end era and primordial method

Our Landscaping & Irrigation Estimation Services

By offering them a real-time cost analysis to determine the profit margins and grow their business, our landscaping estimation services are made to meet the demands of landscaping experts.

To execute on-screen takeoffs for materials, labor, and equipment for irrigation and landscaping, we use Planswift. The thorough material takeoff lists are simple to read and submit to your local vendors for price.

Along with landscape grading work, the development of golf courses is included in our array of services. Numerous projects for sports complexes have received consulting services, cost management plans, and future predictions for the project’s schedule. When there is already scheduling work done to carry out the key activities as a priority, the estimated time limitations and deadlines are always reached.

To obtain financing, win contracts, and rent equipment, architects and construction developers contact us with their conceptual and preliminary plans and drawings for sitework estimates. We typically quantify the following aspects in our landscaping and irrigation takeoffs, depending on the extent of work and the parameters established by the clients:


We are Weeding What you Dream

Our Sitework Estimating Services for Site Improvement

To win the projects, the sitework improvement and exterior improvement contractors must provide precise quote estimates. Our construction cost consultants offer extensive consultation and excavation estimation services in the trades of fences, gates, retaining walls, manufactured bridges, tennis courts, sports surfacing, and playground surfaces.

In actuality, estimates are made for irrigation, planters, vegetated roofs, edging, tree staking, and other site enhancements, and contractors utilize the numbers to inform their bids, buy supplies, create project budgets, and assess the project’s viability. Each line item’s markup for the contractor is computed, and profit is precisely determined.
Takeoffs for site redevelopment include:

Superiority We Maintain

Earthwork / Sitework Volume

Our sitework takeoffs and estimation services include precise and thorough sitework estimates, cut and fill takeoffs, and 3D maps that are supplied to site contractors, landscape contractors, land developers, site contractors, and general contractors within 24 to 48 hours. They increase bid wins and decrease overhead expenses when their numbers are correct.

Sitework Projects Estimation Trio

Sitework Bid Preparation & Submission

By offering a thorough cost estimate for the extent of your sitework, our estimators assist site contractors with the timely production of bids.

❖ Bid Preparation

A comprehensive review of the bid materials is the first step in the bid preparation process. This is followed by the defining of the job scope and digital takeoff.

❖ Bid Pricing

RSMeans and our built database, which is location-based, are used to price each line item for material, labor, and equipment.

❖ Finalized Bidding Proposals

Our detailed bid proposals come with bid assessments, comments, justifications, omissions, amendments, and other essential information for your advantage. With marked-up sitework plans in EXCEL

Sitework Takeoffs List for Material

We use the latest software i.e Civil 3D, cut & fill, Terramodel, AGTEK 4D, InSite, Planswift, and AutoCad to digitally takeoff the material quantities which are delivered in EXCEL spreadsheets categorized to MasterFormat or the client’s customized format.

On our material takeoff sheets, the following quantities are included:

❖ Residential Sitework

i. Single-family & Multi-family Residential Sitework
ii. Residential houses and building Sitework

❖ Commercial Sitework

i. Planned Communities Sitework
ii. Water Treatment Sitework
iii. Commercial buildings Sitework

❖ Public Projects Sitework

i. Parks, Schools and Tracks
ii. Golf Courses, Swimming Pools
iii. Sports complexes, Highways

Constructem sitework takeoffs and estimating services are at your disposal whether you need an estimator to support your current estimating department or if you need one because you cannot afford the cost of a full-time estimator and pricey estimation software. We do sitework estimation for all of these:

Key Features

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Itemized List Of Quantities – CY Of Concrete, Rebar, Formwork And More…

Award-Winning Customer Service

Takeoffs Are Organized By Trade And CSI Divisions Format

We Provide Marked Plans at NO Additional Cost

Unit Rates Calculated Per Your Company’s Cost Structure

Relationship Manager-INCLUDED
Color Coded Marked Plans
Collaboration Portal - INCLUDED

We charge lump-sum per project. Our fee is very reasonable (No Hidden Fee Ever) and is sure to reduce your current estimation costs


We can meet shortest deadlines even less than 24 hours but it depends on the project size and complexity.


We use Planswift and BlueBeam industries top leading softwares.

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