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We are Constructem practicing a tradition of trust by delivering our quality construction estimating services for many years. We have the best teams of professional cost estimators that can handle all types of projects; simple to complex with five-star estimating services. They immediately dwell down deep into the details associated with a piece of land and make a schematic summary of all the pros and cons and come up with better cost estimation, without compromising the quality at any point of their services.

At Constructem, we take care of our clients and guide them for better to best investments and stay on budget at the same time. What they ask and what exceptional quality construction cost estimating services in USA and Canada we deliver to them reflect our concern for you! The project that was once your dream, becomes the passion of our professional cost estimators as soon as you reach them and show your valuable trust in their construction cost estimating services by handing over your project to them!

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Construction Estimators as Cost Planners

The construction cost estimating services make a crucial contribution before the actual work on the project commences. It is worthwhile to quote construction estimators as real-time game changers. They accurately estimate the value of a project and work closely with clients, real estate persons, engineers, and architects, and gather major and minor dimensions of a project in their analysis.

At the very beginning, construction estimators predict the future of a construction project that is about to start up, whether it will be able to hype up in the market or why it will flop. Not only this, but they also recommend possible solutions along with their estimating services that can facilitate a company to win a project bid.

The construction estimators are the functional assembly that keeps track of financial expenditures for a construction project, the contractor’s contract, charged fees, and overheads. They devote their good wills and positive energies when providing their construction estimating services.

A skillful cost construction estimator has solid communication skills covering subjects related to analytics, building designs, mathematical parameters, and much more to understand the points of various construction specialists. They don’t abruptly present their estimating service, instead, they investigate everything systematically before giving a finalized estimation summary. The fact depicts that providing authentic cost estimating service is the toughest task that professional cost estimators can perform for you in one go, consuming less time than any other competitor of ours. We take a keen eye on details and accuracy while delivering honest construction cost estimating services in Canada and USA.

Our Cost Estimators’ Cost & Crisis Management Strategies

    There are three pillars for estimating the project’s success or failure:

    Accept the financial constraints as nobody wants to overburden their pockets by over-budgeting.

    Every stakeholder or project manager desires to get the cost estimating services in minimal time and We do that.

    Most of the time, we take cost as a measure of performance. However, it’s the management of various real events while having estimating services that determine the project’s quality and performance.


    Perhaps, the real challenge is to do justice to the three of them equally when assigned a project estimation task. How efficiently our cost estimators cope with this project management task while drop-shipping the top-notch construction estimating services is what makes us different from others!



    Our Focal Estimating to Yield Matchless Cost Construction Services

    ❖ Bottom-Up Cost Estimating

    ➢ Scrutinize individual work packages/activity.
    ➢ Approximate the relative costs for labor, resources, materials, equipment, etc. Here, well-prepared, detailed input documentation by our keen cost estimators leads to accurate cost estimation through this time-taking and comparatively effort-bearing methodology

    ❖Analogous/Top-Down Cost Estimating

    ➢ Assemble historical cost data from a similar previous project.
    ➢ Sheer dependence on expert judgment for an acceptable, accurate cost estimating due to lack of project information (when the project is in preliminary stages) Here, the construction estimating service is less costly and requires a true analogy between previous and current projects.services.

    ❖Design-to-Cost Estimating

    ➢ Grounds on cost unit objectives as an input for estimating services.
    ➢ Covers performance tradeoffs, along with other systems designing parameter In this way, our cost estimators strive to achieve lower overall system costs.

    ❖Parametric Cost Estimating

    ➢ Employs mathematical models/thumb rules /CERs (Cost Estimating Relationships - relation between cost and work measurements) to estimate project element cost Overall, this construction estimating service is fast and convenient but accurate only if correct CER or mathematical models are chosen.

    ❖Cost-as-the-independent-variable Estimating

    ➢ A simple variant of the design-to-cost estimating method.
    ➢ A cost estimator has strict pre-set budget constraints (Initiating with a fixed system level budget, they work backward)

    ❖ Computer tools for Cost Construction Estimating Services

    We generally use them in various steps like estimating processes, cost control, quality management, and several process outputs. These are either computer tools or specialized software. Some of them that we use at Costructem for construction estimating services are given below: Featured Tools for correct estimating services ➢ Spreadsheets.
    ➢ Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO)
    ➢ Project management software.
    ➢ Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
    ➢ Earned Value Management (EVM)
    ➢ Quality Management Plan (QMP)
    ➢ Benchmarking
    ➢ Flowcharting
    ➢ Cause-and-effect diagrams.
    ➢ Pareto Analysis.
    The involvement of a myriad of modern and digital computing tools diminishes the incidence of any calculation mistakes, boosts up the estimation process as a whole, and allow us to handle several costing alternatives at once.

    Crisis Management Analysis System for Error-free Cost Estimating Services

    What we do, we always deliver the best but in case of any problematic scenarios, we have a well-established cost crisis management analysis system to give new directions to the client’s hope for successful project bidding in the future. We give the estimating service that holds the client’s hand till the achievement of respective goals of a construction project. However, our cost crisis management analysis primarily focused on six key elements.

    New Project Strategy; covering all competing elements like project segments, geography, value position, potential customers, etc.

    Operating Models; define the investments in a project to reposition the project for a quick return

    Potential Risks and Tradeoff; Set estimating cost baseline and profit margins along with the criteria to assess risk appetite and correct sensitivity analysis

    Scenario Analysis; involves technical estimating methods improvement

    Through Financial Analysis; deal with the budget constraints and cash management for a new estimating model

    Meeting & Communication; devise internal and external conversation plans with relevant persons for final cost estimating to manage the situation

    Why chose our Cost Construction Estimating Services in Canada and USA?

    If you are in search of cost estimating service with standard, then Constructem is the right door for you. Come to us without any delay. The following points will help you figure out what our cost construction estimators can do to cut above the rest!


    ❖Descriptive Cost Estimation Takeoffs for Projects

    The key job for cost estimators is the creation of takeoffs, which is nothing but the simplest list of A-to-Z materials, their quantity, and their costs. Our skillful cost estimators comprehensively work on the project’s blueprints and construction place dimension and make a materials takeoff with all the information regarding cost expenditures on concrete, cement, bricks, roofing material, sanitary & plumbing materials, electrical equipping, labor cost, wood for framing, and so on. An estimator’s duty doesn’t end there. First, they make a requirement list, then they look for quality and cost - high quality by spending less. So, they investigate thoroughly and then include the shipment and efforts required to transfer the materials to the construction site. To perfectly manage all these things, our cost estimators at Constructem usually take their time but always give the sweetest fruit to their patience by projecting a compelling final cost estimate in front of the client.

    ❖A New Horizon to your Dream Cost Estimation Projects

    Dreaming of a fine building structure no matter residential or industrial is all clients do but construction estimating services give their dreams the actual fire to glow brightly. Real construction cost estimators offer all of their professional expertise to devise a pleasant plan for your dream projects. That’s not all we can get via effective construction cost estimating services.

    ❖We Worth Your Revitalization Cost Estimating Projects

    At Constructem, our cost estimators append critical thinking and systematic organization, keeping a keen eye on all the stages of construction at once. When a potential client approaches us, we ease them with superintendence and attentiveness. We always go above the crowd and narrow down our client’s preference in tiresome cost construction estimating service. We give out cost estimating services within budget as we want you to pay less and have the best.

    Forecast the costs of materials, labor, and knowledge & Confidently Start on Your Project!

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