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For USA  contractor and builder, portray the picture of commercial construction projects which are a bigger investment and require in-depth research, otherwise, all of your investment will be at risk. Anyhow, authentic commercial construction estimating services can be a blessing in disguise to secure your bottom line for future evaders.
Here Constructem has gained a trusted name in commercial construction takeoff estimating to help you find more and more bids for your project. We have NYC commercial cost estimator so you do not miss the right option by any chance. For this, we comprehensively study the scope, expenditures, and potential profit associated with a targeted commercial project and inform you in a limited time strain. What we do for our clients is a great favor to them. However, we charge only a negligible portion of our service charges.

Superiority We Maintain

Build the Road to Your Future for All Sorts of Commercial Projects

Whether you are interested in investing your money in any type of commercial project, we always cater to you best of our estimating services. We have a NYC estimators who are highly qualified and have years of experience and expertise.


1. Commercial Estimating for Small-scale Projects

Small-scale construction for commercial projects usually takes on less time and construction crew. Usually, it covers:

  • The building renovation task; To give a brand new look to an old commercial property by changing its interiors and exteriors to give a final finished and captivating appearance.
  • Likewise, we can also include a commercial building sewage system fixing.

Here, if a contractor asks for our commercial cost estimating services before, we immediately act on their call and look out all the depths in detail and tell them the exact expenditure for the job they want to do. This helps them to hire the construction workers and the equipment for completing the project without any waste or shortage.

2. Commercial Estimating for Medium-scale Projects

Any medium-scale commercial projects demand more precision and accuracy in estimating service and we are the preferred choice to fulfill your estimating need on time. We are always committed to quality paired with perfection when handling all such projects for our potential clients, contractors, and construction developers.

Medium-scale commercial projects are normally for small-scale businesses, intended to add up more stories to their building because they want more space for their business or remodel and restructure their building. Mostly, medium-scale commercial projects are development projects with budgets and schedules often tightly correlated with repaying lenders while optimizing income.

Here, an expert estimating team from Constructem caters to clients with more reliable commercial cost estimating using the most advanced estimating tool and software. We like to dig for you the real cost of your commercial projects so that you conveniently prepare yourself for the commercial construction bidding process.

3. Commercial Estimating for Large-scale Projects

Effective cost estimations are crucial when it comes to substantial civil projects or mega projects because of their broad premise and probable participation of public funds. For instance, slight errors in computations on a large project might soon become amplified. Cost estimates improve openness and accountability in projects funded by public funds, strengthening public confidence in your company’s project management skills.

Again, our professional estimators at Elitequality are nailing it too for you. We take your desired project as our project and count on our hard and devoted work, delivering the right and advanced commercial estimating jobs at affordable prices.

We are Weeding What you Dream

Commercial Cost Estimating Services We Provide

Whether you are asking for an estimation job as a construction developer, contractor, architect, or designer, we are always weeding the hurdles paved in the accomplishment of what you dream and desire for your project via our reliable commercial construction estimating. Here are the different estimating roles we used to play for our different clients.


Commercial Cost Estimating Services We Provide

The most precise and thorough commercial estimates, complete with line-item descriptions and colored-marked-up drawings, are what we provide at Constructem. Our built-in construction cost databases and RSMeans are used to determine the price for the materials, labor, and equipment. By using zip code-based pricing, we guarantee the accuracy of the estimate about the project’s location.

Service Specified for Commercial Contractors

Our commercial estimating service specified for commercial contractors includes the following:

Takeoffs for Materials & Labor

To get the commercial project done as per the contractor’s suggestion, our company will give you a comprehensive list of supplies, along with a detailed description model and vendor information, price based on zip codes, and labor man-hours.

These takeoffs are provided in EXCEL spreadsheets that are arranged according to the CSI Master Format, Uniformat, or Uniformat, by cost code, or according to your unique format.

When do the Estimation for Developers

We help them reach new heights by providing two types of estimating services:


i. Preliminary Commercial Estimates

Even before developing blueprints, commercial developers must estimate the numbers and sums to determine the project’s viability.

For real estate developers, owners, and investors, we provide trustworthy early commercial estimates and feasibility assessments using our portfolio of million-dollar project evaluations, software know-how, and historical data.

ii. Pre-Construction Final Commercial Estimates

The general contractors and subcontractors start submitting bid bids soon after the construction drawings are finished, either concurrently with the design process or after they are complete. How can a commercial developer know that the bids represent the market value? If GCs and Subs choose not to use a professional estimate company, how should rates be discussed with them?

Here comes our incredibly in-depth pre-construction final commercial cost estimating that benefits by serving as the foundation for developing proposals, collecting loans, allocating finances, monitoring expenses, and haggling with contractors.

When We serve for Design-Build Firms

We have successfully provided estimating services and value engineering to design-build businesses, who are in charge of both design and construction under the same contract, in addition to our normal clients, such as contractors, designers, and developers.

Budget restrictions placed on project owners who employ these organizations necessitate the estimation and management of expenses for things like materials, labor, and equipment throughout all project phases.

Our design-build commercial estimating services establish all related costs even at the early stage of design, virtually at 50% completion of designs, which aids the owners in making important decisions.

Typically, it includes the following expenses:

When ask for Estimating by Architects and Designers

Elitequality offers commercial construction estimating services to architects and designers as well and contributes a significant role in design-phase estimates and budgeting.

Our estimation staff works closely with architects and designers on commercial projects, offering cost analyses of various design options all during the design phase. This helps the design team examine and modify the design parameters based on their client’s budgetary constraints, preventing unexpected expenses or overruns at a later stage. We include the conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction document estimates in our design phase estimates. In addition, we check the designs and specifications for inconsistencies, omissions, and mistakes.

Commercial estimation is the cornerstone of budget formulation throughout the project’s design phase. We assist commercial architects and designers with budget generation by allowing them to submit their conceptual and design development drawings so that we can generate budget estimates during the design development process.

Advanced Estimating Software We Employ

Accuracy in our estimation makes us different from other estimating service providers. Our qualified estimators use the most modern software and perform a reliable estimation job as soon and as precisely as possible. Here is the list of estimating software we prefer for rendering promised commercial estimating services:

Key Features

Where We Build Your Visions

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Itemized List Of Quantities – CY Of Concrete, Rebar, Formwork And More…

Award-Winning Customer Service

Takeoffs Are Organized By Trade And CSI Divisions Format

We Provide Marked Plans at NO Additional Cost

Unit Rates Calculated Per Your Company’s Cost Structure

Relationship Manager-INCLUDED
Color Coded Marked Plans
Collaboration Portal - INCLUDED

We charge lump-sum per project. Our fee is very reasonable (No Hidden Fee Ever) and is sure to reduce your current estimation costs


We can meet shortest deadlines even less than 24 hours but it depends on the project size and complexity.


We use Planswift and BlueBeam industries top leading softwares.

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